Custom Fax Services

custom fax services

We offer our fax blast clients custom features and have created new systems for specialty broadcasts. Our most popular special options are enhanced dithering and fine resolution for high quality photo faxing. This does cost more and we will quickly supply you with a quote upon receipt of your document(s). Below is a list of some of our custom capabilities.

  • Variable Image Insert - This feature allows you to do a dynamic image insert from the web into the document.
  • Dithering - For certain graphics and/or photos some customers choose to pay a little more and do photo quality dithering.
  • Resolution - This also may cost more do to the long transmit time but does allow for sharper photos and images to be faxed.
  • Invoice Faxing - These are two list one to many mail merge fax blasts.
  • Batch Faxing - Allows our customers to create/merge multiple word documents to be sent to their list. For example they will send in a zip file containing 1000 word documents and one spreadsheet.

These are just some of the custom fax broadcast systems we have created for our customers