Fax Laws & Regulations

fax laws and regulations

Please use the buttons below to review information on the FCC government web site concerning  Federal Fax Laws and Regulations.

Before You Fax, it is important that you take these rules into consideration:

1. It is important that you have an established working relationship with those to whom you are faxing, i.e....Did you receive their fax number (via the internet, e-mail, or postal letter) and is there an established business relationship? Laws vary in each state.

2. Is their fax number publicly advertised? If it's published in an open directory advertisement or internet site, then their fax number may be available for public distribution, unless noted that it does not accept unsolicited advertisement at the fax number in question.

3. Did you include a toll-free disclaimer at the bottom of your fax in order for your recipients to opt out of receiving further faxes? (For example, "If you received this fax in error, please call us at 1-800******" , or supply an e-mail address.

These three tips will make it easier on you when you begin a fax broadcast.

There have been lawsuits in which plaintiffs have been able to collect up to $500 per fax and have filed a complaint with the FCC.


B2BFax.net does not supply fax lists or make any representations about the legality of faxing or how to comply with junk fax rules. We just want the sender, our customer, to be aware that situations do occur in which the sender can be sued in a court of law if there is not a prior business relationship. Please click the link above to read what the FCC has printed in regard to this matter. We can not dispense legal advice concerning current fax broadcast laws.