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More EXPLANATION on our operations

After filling out our service agreement, you may transmit your fax broadcast job to us by e-mailing your fax along with a list of fax numbers. Please include any special list instructions or scheduling requirements.Your fax lists are never used in any way other than to fax blast your documents to your recipients. Formats for fax lists include MS Excel, CSV file, text file, or comma delimited file. 

Once your job is received, we convert your document to a fax image, format/scrub your list (to take out duplicate numbers, etc.), and fax or e-mail you a copy for your approval. Once you've checked your document and it looks good to go, please fax back the fax approval sheet to us, or e-mail or phone in your approval. We then send your job from our location with busy/bads being re-tried once and busy numbers receive an additional delayed retry. You may choose to resend again to those that did not go through-just ask for a re-try job.

After your fax transmission is complete, you will receive a fax broadcast report. These reports are customizable to your needs and may contain any information supplied in the original list e-mailed to us. This report will detail all of your successfully transmitted faxes, and those that were not delivered successfully. The report will also give a brief reason for the unsuccessful transmission, such as busy number, no fax tone, out of paper, etc.

We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover. We will validate and verify adequate funds on your credit card before the fax is sent. You are only charged for successfully sent faxes- there are no hidden fees, taxes, or contracts to fulfill.