Transmission Reports

fax broadcast transmission reports

Our client's reporting needs are very diverse. Some users of our fax blast service want a simple summary report containing the amount of successfully transmissions, failed transmissions and the total attempted while others require full record spreadsheets to be used by their telemarketers in 'call after' campaigns or list maintenance and updating efforts. Their fax marketing list is vital in their business marketing schedule and calling failed transmission recipients on the voice line to get the updated fax number is a way to keep in touch with their clients and maintain a successful transmission ratio for future fax campaigns. 

We can also customize and sort the reports according to your specifications. Your fax transmission reports can contain any and/or all fields you supply us with your list when setting up your fax blast campaign. Each customized reporting program is tagged with the client and automatically used for future broadcast reports. So once the custom report is created it will be used for all your transmissions without any further requests or efforts on your part. 

Reports are e-mailed to the customer immediately after the fax broadcast has finished. This allows the customer to distribute the results of the campaign throughout their organization or to third party call centers for further work on the campaign. The transmission reports can also contain a billing summary if so desired by the customer.

Customers of may choose to receive multiple reports. You are not limited to one report per fax blast. Most of our users receive two reports, a summary and a detail report. This allows for a quick view to ensure the campaign is on track and for their billing records and a detail listing to further work the campaign and/or cleanse the fax list.

We are capable of including the errors within the reports to allow you to call your recipients with 'bad' fax numbers in an attempt to update your marketing list with correct information. Possible failed fax transmissions can occur because of busy fax line, no paper in receiving machine, disconnected fax number, etc.

At we know your marketing list is a very important component in your business and do everything we can to supply you with the best reports in fax marketing.