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No software to learn and install, no webportals to signup to, just email us your doc/pdf and xls/csv files and we do the rest.


We offer great document to fax conversion. Multiple printing programs allow us to keep your fax looking sharp and fabulous.


We work with our clients to give them the fax solutions they need. High density word merge, custom fax transmission reports, etc.

Fax Broadcast Merge

Linear Fax Merge

We can merge in any info quickly and cheaply using our fax cards linear merge capabilities. These fax merges are limited to the fax cards system font and are great for delivery boxes and cover sheets.

Microsoft Word Merge

We also offer microsoft word merge fax broadcasting. These take a bit longer to setup but you the ability to mix and match fonts and formatting just as you would in word.

High Density Merges

Great for surveys with many questions and/or recipient information to confirm and correct. Barcodes, images, tabular data, etc. we merge it all.

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    1 to 10K - $0.05

    For up to 10K faxes per month, Five cents per completed page.

    10K to 25K - $0.04

    For over 10,000 faxes per month, Four cents per completed page.

    Over 25K - $0.03

    For over 25,000 faxes per month, Three cents per completed page.

    The above prices are standard fax broadcast delivery and do not include word merges and photo dithering or other special features. All fax broadcasts include retries, reports and list cleaning at no extra charge. There are no signup fees or monthly fees. Our clients only pay for successful fax transmissions. No hidden chargers or fees.