Contact form reCAPTCHA, how does it work?

If you visit our newly revised contact form page, you'll notice the check box which requires you to click a box which states "I'm not a robot". This box is known as a reCAPTCHA, or software owned by Google which prevents spam software, also known as "bots", from contacting us on a massive scale. This click box replaces the outdated method of having to read confusing and distorted text and enter it in a text field. The way this new method of simply clicking on a box works is by collecting data from your computer at the time of clicking the box and sending it to Google to analyze. It retrieves the time and date of which the box was clicked, your IP address, previously visited pages, and even your mouse movements prior to clicking to determine whether you are an authentic user or an automated software program. You may even notice that another check may be necessary before proceeding, in which certain images must be selected to differentiate between an authentic user and a bot. This check is used when not enough information has been gathered from the first analysis to make a decision on whether the contact form is being used by a user or a bot. We hope you find these changes to be unobtrusive when using our contact form.

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