frequently asked questions

how do i get started?

Give us a call, fax, or email. We will email you our service agreement and a few instructions pertaining to your fax broadcast(header/disclaimer info). Once everything is filled out, fax or e-mail it back to us and you are ready to start your fax blast.


Fax broadcasting is regulated at both the federal and state levels. Please check your states regulations as well as the federal legislation before faxing. What I can tell you is that lawsuits have occurred when people fax to those who have not given their permission or do not have some type of relationship with the sender. It's a great idea to include a disclaimer on your document,such as..."if you received this fax in error, please call us at...to be removed from our list." See our 'fax laws' link.

how are removals handled

When a recipient wishes NEVER to receive a fax from you again, supply us with the numbers(by email) and we will scrub every job you do with your removal list. Any number on this list will be removed from all future fax blasts.

can i include a graphic image/picture in my fax broadcast?

When an image is faxed, line art works best(black and white). Elaborate images take longer to fax and they tie up your broadcast fax recipients fax machine. In addition, they may incur extra charges due to additional length of time necessary to transmit, if you want perfect quality

where do i get fax numbers?

We do not provide fax numbers/lists.  Our clients obtain fax numbers and permission from their customers and associates. While there are legitimate list vendors who will sell or rent sources of lists for general business/medical-related etc. fax numbers, it's a good idea to have a business or working relationship with those on your fax list.