Fax Broadcast Merge Services

fax broadcast merge services

We do fax broadcast mail merges for clients who desire a personalized look to each fax they send. We have two types of mail merge fax broadcasts to choose from. Standard Merge Fax Page, or MS Word Merge Fax Page

Standard Merge Fax Page

Per Page

Fax Standard Merge Fax Pages 

MS Word Merge Fax Pages

Per Page

Fax Microsoft© Word Merge Fax Pages 


There are some limitations to our standard merge fax service, including font size and layout of your merged information. This merge system uses the hardware font in our fax cards and there is only one size and type of font that can be used in this mail merge fax broadcast system. We can merge subscription information, contact information any data you have on file for you recipients can be merged into the fax. This allows your recipients to verify data on file and correct any information that needs to be updated. By placing the field names in your document we know where to drop the information onto the fax. Some one-time setup fees may be required for merge fax blasts with many fields to be merged or complex layouts in the merged documents but once the merge program is finished you may reuse or modify it with no additional setup fees. The majority of clients use the personalized or merged faxes with no additional costs, just the standard 5¢ or 7¢ per completed page.

Our Word Mail Merge Fax Broadcast system can deliver customized word documents via fax to your recipients. Simply e-mail us your Word Doc and Excel Spreadsheet and we do the rest. No software to install or web application to learn. We also do complex one to many word merges and may be able to assist you in other Microsoft Automation Fax needs. Call or e-mail us if you have special Microsoft Office Faxing needs that you would like automated.