Industry Specific Solutions

industry specific solutions

b2b fax assists a wide variety of businesses, companies, and enterprises. The following are examples of clients b2b fax works with daily.

Mortgage industry/Insurers

Fax blast your rate sheets, promotions, or market research . Also, send quotes or estimates and claims office updates.


A merge fax document personalizes each fax you send. This can be done for subscriptions or renewals. Publishers can also fax out memos to their wholesalers or to their corporate offices.

Chambers of Commerce

Fax blast to your members about new businesses. Fax broadcasting for businesses can include discount coupons, promotions, or community wide celebrations such as ribbon cuttings or special events.


Fax broadcast documents or advertisements to your distributors, suppliers, or customers. Faxing manuals, services, bids, or new product information is a quick and economical way to send information.


Fax blast menu specials, upcoming events/ promotions to your patrons, or new regulations to your management. Keep supply stores up to date on orders/ deliveries.


Invitations to conferences, time sensitive updates, memos, reports, or trends. Keep coordinating offices informed of new regulations/ requirements.

Retail Industry

Fax broadcast merchandising updates, memos to suppliers, or orders for goods. Product/consumer alerts, recalls, or management regulations/updates can be faxed to corporate/coordinating offices.

Travel Industry

Get time sensitive information instantly to decision makers, to include regulations, documents, updates, or fax blast to travel agents.