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what is fax broadcast

Fax Broadcasting allows companies to quickly and efficiently communicate with their customers, associates, branches, districts sales managers, etc. It works by using large scale fax delivery systems to send your document out to multiple recipients simultaneously

After filling out our service agreement, you may transmit your fax broadcast job to us by e-mailing your fax along with a list of fax numbers.  Please include any special list instructions or scheduling requirements. Your fax lists are never used in any way other than to fax blast your documents to your recipients. Formats for fax lists include MS Excel, CSV file, text file, or comma delimited file

industry specific solutions

B2B fax provides service for a very diverse range of industries and companies. This includes, though is not limited to mortgage insurers, publishers, chambers of commerce, manufacturers, restaurants, educators, trainers, retailers, travel industry consultants, and many other businesses and career fields

Our client's reporting needs are very diverse. Some users of our fax blast service want a simple summary report containing the amount of successfully transmissions, failed transmissions and the total attempted while others require full record spreadsheets to be used by their telemarketers in 'call after' campaigns or list maintenance and updating efforts

fax laws and regulations

B2B fax follows all regulations on fax broadcast imposed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

privacy policy

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