Why Choose b2b Fax

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why choose b2b fax?


b2b fax uses advanced security to ensure your fax document and fax list remain safe

For increased security and reliability, b2b fax uses advanced T1 phone lines to ensure that faxes reach their destination as secure and quickly as possible. With other services that use fax over IP, or faxing over the internet, it makes way for insecurities and instabilities for the faxes sent. Faxing over the internet can result in many errors or conflicts which are simply not an issue if faxes are sent over a T1. All faxes at b2b fax are sent over a secure T1 phone line without ever touching the internet to ensure that your fax document is kept secure. Your fax document and your fax list will always remain safe and secure with b2b fax.

you only pay for complete faxes

b2b fax will not charge you for faxes that are incomplete or did not go through. An example of this would be if the recipient's fax machine was busy while a fax was sent, and it could not reach the recipient. If this is the case, you will be informed of the reason a fax did not go through, and you will not be charged for the fax. We also do not charge you extra for sign up fees, reports, scrubbing, list formatting, or subscription fees. You will only pay for complete faxes that have reached your client.

b2b fax simplifies fax broadcast 

With b2b fax, there are no software applications to install or complicated web interfaces to learn. Simply e-mail our experienced staff your marketing file(s) and we take care of the rest. Duplicate removal, 'do not fax' list processing, document formatting and every other technical issue is taken care of for you free of charge. Some customers even broadcast from mobile Apple or Android devices. If you can e-mail us from your device then you can broadcast to your marketing list.

care is taken for your fax document

Care is taken to convert your document into a fax image, resulting in your fax blast looking as good as possible. We have various conversion techniques for converting your documents into the best looking and sharpest images for your fax promotion. Each broadcast is viewed and checked by an experienced fax server operator to assure quality. Clients may to choose to receive a copy via fax or e-mail to be approved before the broadcast starts.

choose quality. choose reliability. choose b2b fax.